Los Angeles Real Estate Lawyer: Jeffrey Williams

Los Angeles and Southern California is the home of Real Estate Attorney Jeffrey Williams and to many of his friends and clients. We have some of the most expensive and valuable real estate in Southern California – and, frankly – the entire world…

Needless to say, every property in Los Angeles and our surrounding communities will, as some point, be purchased, sold, leased, rented, or have some sort of dispute revolving around it. Our Law Firm is here to protect you, your property, and your rights.

Real Estate Attorney in Los Angeles, CA

Individuals, Business Owners and Commercial Landlords and Tenants alike know that real estate is one of the most costly and significant investments we all make in a lifetime. Whether you are an individual, business property owner or a commercial tenant, you have rights and a financial interest invested in your property. At the Law Offices of Jeffrey Williams we offer experienced and strategic advocacy focused on helping our clients protect their rights in real estate transactions and any potentials disputes that may require litigation.

Protect Your Rights Form the Very Beginning

Before entering into any real estate purchase contract or lease, it is important to have a clear understanding of your rights and obligations. As your Los Angeles Real Estate Attorney, Jeffrey Williams will review, draft or modify any real estate contract on your behalf. It is important to remember that no broker, buyer, seller or lender will have your best interest in mind. Only an experienced Real Estate attorney can appropriately guide you through the legal process and protect your rights at the contract and transaction stage.

Real Estate Attorney Jeffrey Williams is experienced in all aspects of real estate, contracts, and disputes. Moreover, Jeffrey Williams handles all types of real estate matters and disputes including:

Los Angeles Property Disputes & Resolution Lawyers

Real estate disputes may arise out of a breach of contract, a disagreement between parties or between two non-contracting property owners. When faced with a real estate dispute, you want to take every necessary step to protect your rights and investments. We will review any relevant documents and contractual agreements in your case. As a priority, we will seek cost-effective remedies, including negotiation and settlement. In the event that we cannot resolve your case out of court, we are prepared to protect your rights and interests by litigation in a courtroom should it come to that.

Business / Corporate Disputes & Litigation

Our firm handles business and corporate legal and litigation matters including:

Fees & Costs:

While Real Estate litigation matters are not taken by our office on a contingency basis, we are considered uniquely affordable continuing to hold our hourly rates where most any individual or business owner can budget for our professional services

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Real Estate attorney Jeffrey Williams is a real estate attorney with 2 decades of hands-on experience. At the Law Office of Jeffrey Williams, Mr. Williams will personally handle your case from the initial client interview through a successful resolution. He will diligently prepare your case and aggressively represent you in commercial actions and disputes, unlike many other law firms who assign your case to an inexperienced junior attorney. Knowledge is Power and we will share our knowledge with you when you have us partner with you in your real estate or business matters.
Call our office to schedule an appointment with attorney Jeffrey Williams. Our offices are open 9 am – 5 pm, Monday through Friday, and our service can reach us if you have a pressing after-hours matter. Call (888) 900-9078